Winnipeg: A Fair Trade City / Ville Équitable

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The Fair Trade Winnipeg Steering Committee is made up of community champions representing educational institutions, businesses, non-profits and government.

Based on Fair Trade Canada criteria, currently 21 towns and cities are recognized as Fair Trade, including Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton. Our goal is to make Winnipeg next.

Our Goals


According to the Canadian Fair Trade Network, The Fair Trade Town program recognizes municipalities demonstrating strong commitment to fair trade from its community stakeholders, including local municipal authorities (such as a city council), businesses, community groups, and individual members. The program has a long-term vision for awareness and support of fair trade, and has been designed to address the needs and opportunities available from a range of different communities, large and small, across Canada.

The Fair Trade Town program in Canada is part of a global movement that, as of 2014, recognizes more than 1,500 communities in 32 countries. For a listing of designated Fair Trade Towns in Canada, visit the Canadian Fair Trade Network website.


Fair Trade Town Requirements

What You Can Do

IN YOUR HOME: buy Fair Trade Certified products for home whenever you can – coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sugar, chocolate, spices, dried fruit, sports balls, wine & spirits, the list is of available products is growing!

AT YOUR WORKPLACE: serve fair trade products in the staff room and give fair trade gifts on special occasions! If your business or institution does large-scale procurement, look into sourcing fair trade in bulk.

AT YOUR FAVOURITE EATING & SHOPPING PLACES: talk to your favourite coffee shop or grocery store about fair trade. More and more are interested in serving the ethical consumer market!

AT YOUR PLACE OF WORSHIP: many denominations have made a commitment to serving fair trade after services. Has your congregation acted on this?

IN YOUR CHILDREN’S SCHOOL OR YOUR CAMPUS: tell the local school or college administration about the Fair Trade Schools program and how they can learn more about fair trade and switch to fair trade products.

IN YOUR CITY OR TOWN: tell your councillor, mayor, MLA or MP about Fair Trade Towns. A twentieth designated Fair Trade Town is about to be named in Canada! Is it yours?

WITH YOUR TEAM, CLASS, OR STAFF: fair trade apparel are the next big thing! Look into sourcing Fair Trade Certified t-shirts and other garments as the become available.


In the Media

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